Who We Are

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We believe that employee ownership is a powerful tool for community sustainability, professional empowerment and catalyzing collective change. We also believe in the power of community-led leadership. The high quality of goods and services provided by a co-operative are indistinguishable from a traditional business or firm. The difference is in HOW those services get delivered, and the confidence that clients can have that progressive values are at the heart of the services they are accessing. ProCo embraces a participatory democratic approach, and both our collaborators and members have full transparency over all decisions and directions.  We are invested in the people and communities we collaborate with to create long term value for both co-op members and the clients we serve.


Society and culture are evolving in new, challenging and exciting ways, and womxn are at the forefront of bringing progressive change in this transformational time. ProCo is passionate about supporting the growth of a more inclusive, diverse and just world, and we bring this passion in everything we do. We are also learning and growing as feminists and allies, and are deeply committed to our own personal and collective transformation. In this complex environment, we work together with clients to help define their goals and contribute to a more diverse, equitable and sustainable world for all. We believe that bringing an intersectional lens to our work is the only way for our communities to thrive, and that pursuing a feminist future is good for the entire planet.


It’s a well-worn trope, but truly: the future is now. Whether it is disrupting traditional funding models by helping to build sustainable social enterprises for NGOs; exploring strategic planning and thinking as communities navigate a moment of transition and growth; or working one-on-one with clients who want to make a move or take a next step in their own lives and careers: ProCo is passionate about accompanying people and organizations on their journey as we all contemplate, plan for, co-create and expand our impact on the future of this planet. We love to work with clients who have a vision for what is possible.

ProCo's Core Team

Whether working one-on-one, as a duo or in partnership with other experts and collaborators from across Canada, ProCo’s members work with you to build a better world.

Amy Bartlett


Amy Bartlett is a civil society geek, feminist, legal professional and community organizer. She has been working in the social justice NGO space for over 15 years, both in Canada and internationally. She loves working with curiosity, compassion and community.

Anouk Bertner


Anouk Bertner has worked in social enterprises, non-profit organizations, and the sustainability sector for the past 15 years. She loves to tackle complex problems with human-centered, system-level thinking, in order to tease out win-win solutions with purpose.