Amy Bartlett


Amy Bartlett is a civil society geek, feminist, legal professional and community organizer. She has been working in the social justice NGO space for over 15 years, both in Canada and internationally. She embraces curiosity,  complexity and compassion in her work to help create meaningful change, developing effective processes and cultivating partnerships for a more inclusive and ambitious future. Amy has spent over 15 years working on social justice issues in Canada and abroad, from the grassroots to global levels, and brings a wealth of expertise from the international development and civil society sectors. She is also pursuing her PhD in psychedelic studies at the University of Ottawa, is a certified End of Life Doula, an integration coach, and an active member of the psychedelic harm-reduction community.  

Her passions include collaboration and connection: building inclusive communities and opportunities for shared leadership, and creating effective experiences and processes that are responsive to the human beings they support– all to allow a flourishing of the best from people and their ambitions for a better world. Highlights include founding Global HERizons and the Earnest Platypus; executive leadership of the Refugee Hub, RESULTS Canada and the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness; serving as a mentor and coach in a variety of capacities; and innovating with people and organizations from across the globe. Amy speaks English, French and Spanish and identifies as she/her.