Welcome to ProCo and our new online home

We are thrilled to be launching ProCo– a feminist, future-building consulting co-operative!  Pro-Co is passionate about fostering collaborations between ambitious organizations and fabulously-feminist women with the proven skills and expertise to take your ambitions to the next level. We help organizations get ahead of the curve to contribute to a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world for all. Building a new initiative like ProCo is nerve-wracking enough, but even more so for those of us in the progressive space who don’t have the technical expertise to build a really strong online presence. We were lucky enough to partner with Rebel.com who recently launched a full service ChangeMaker Program, offering free or low cost services and support to non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and community organizations in need of a stronger online presence.

Non-profit organizations and social enterprises often struggle with funding, and as a result, web services often end up being last on the list in terms of priority and budget. Strong marketing and online presence is critical in today’s connected world, and organizations with an overall mission to better the planet shouldn’t have to fall behind. and The Rebel.com ChangeMaker program is designed to connect people and organizations who are doing great things in their communities and the world with Rebel products and services. Offering not only domain names and web hosting, but site builders, marketing workshop opportunities, and 24/7 award-winning customer support

We have been thrilled with the experience of working with Rebel.com to build our new brand and website– including navigating the .coop domain registration process– and would highly recommend others check out this program and the great expertise you can access at Rebel.com. Building a new organization, social enterprise or co-operative is an exciting but challenging process– collaborating with tech experts who also understand your mission and vision goes a LONG way to building your initiative for success!